MSU Community Charitable Campaign

The MSU Community Charitable Campaign is an open campaign dedicated to raising money for local charities through the assistance of the Capital Area United Way. Your pledge to the campaign helps support more than 120,000 people yearly in the Tri-county area, raising more than 6 million dollars in the past 14 years.

Our Mission: Raising funds for the support of many groups in the Tri-county area, especially those close to campus.

Information about the Capital Area United Way is available on their website.


The Campaign Has Begun!

The 2017 MSU Community Charitable Campaign has begun! Pledges are accepted now until March 2018! This year we are accepting online and paper pledges. Go to Make Your Pledge for a paper pledge and assistance on submitting an online pledge.

Curious how the campaign is doing? Check out the Statistics section for weekly updates on the campaign.


Photos from the Fall 2017 Kick Off

Archive Photos from Previous Fall Kick Offs

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2- once that image is up, you’ll see a pull down menu at the top edge of that image that is labeled “download”
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  • MSU Community Charitable Campaign now has a Facebook page! The page will have current updates of special events, weekly campaign total and much more. Come check it out!


Campaign Co-Chairs

Co-Chariman Jeff Brodie                          Co-Chairman Craig Gunn

Jeff Brodie                                                         Craig Gunn

Office of Employee Relations                               Department of Mechanical Engineering

Phone 884-0136                                                Phone: 355-5160                                  Email:


The MSU Retirees after a morning of hard work!

Retiree Workers