Campaign Volunteers Information

Welcome MSU Community Charitable Campaign Unit Volunteers! Without your effort in motivating your department/ unit to participate, the campaign can't succeed. We appreciate all of the work you are doing to help the 2017 MSU Community Charitable Campaign to be a success.


Current list of Volunteers:


How to Encourage your Department/Unit

As a Unit Volunteer, you might like some ideas on how to encourage your department/ unit to participate in the campaign. Listed below are a few ideas for your consideration:

  • Send out a special message from yourself or the unit chair/ director encouraging colleagues to make a pledge.
  • Share stories from colleagues whose own lives or the live of loved ones who were impacted through the assistance of a local health or human service agency.
  • Invite a Capital Area United Way Representative to come and speak to your group during a meeting or other event. Please Contact the co-chairs for contact inforamtion.
  • Hand out Capital Area United Way items and/or display a Capital Area United Way poster in a prominent location. Please Contact the co-chairs for contact inforamtion.


Contact us for more information.

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